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Carly Vidal Wallace | International Design Awards Jury

Fashion Curator / Writer and Marketing Strategist

Carly has a fifteen-year history working closely in the fashion industry having been based in Paris, Los Angeles and Australia. Some of the titles she has held range from Fashion Editor, Stylist, to Creative Director having owned her own label, to then go on and create an annual Fashion Festival where she was the Founder and Director in one of Australia’s largest States. Her experience also stretched into Fashion Curation where she has a reputation for having an eye for the most likely to succeed emerging fashion designers.

Lastly, Carly often consults on a marketing and branding perspective lecturing in Universities and working with fashion and luxury companies refining their entire marketing strategy and reach to increase sales and engagement. She has consulted with businesses from university graduates starting out, to managing global teams in cross country campaigns with companies with turnover in excess of $60m. She has a passion for sustainability and hopes in every role she takes on to make the biggest impact possible to creating a sustainable fashion world. Her stand out career moments has been interviewing Mr Jimmy Choo OBE and chatting about all things fashion at a private fashion event with Diane von Fürstenberg.

Tell us about your definition of a good design?

A good design has that perfect mix of creativity, practicality and sustainability.

What advice would you give to future IDA entrants?

You should absolutely apply, this is where designs get seen for the first time and it is really a way to start to progress your career in design. Sometimes just the process of applying is the start of the journey.

How do you feel design has evolved over the past years and how do you see it evolving in the future?

I have loved seeing sustainability come to the front of fashion design. From the choice of textiles, to how waste is used to who is sewing the garments, I am loving seeing this continue to grow and evolve.

What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities in your career/industry now?

For new designers, I think the difficulty is to break through the marketing noise and to find your market share and engage with them effectively through to successful sales.

How do you decide to take on certain projects?

Always listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it often isn’t. Do projects that excite you and you want to be working on all the time!

What did you most enjoy about the IDA judging process?

I love seeing all the world’s latest new designs, you can really see what the trends are and what is happening in society by what is coming across in new fashion designs.

If you were to advise a designer a key to succeed in the industry today what would you tell them?

Know your customer well and look after them!