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2020 New Year's Cards

CompanyBythree Inc.
Lead DesignersTakanori Yoshida
Design TeamRina Kurihara, Shusaku Kida, Akiyoshi Hasegawa
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Newsletters
Entry Description

BYTHREE created a New Year's card to be sent to clients and partners as a New Year's greeting. The motif of the New Year's cards was "pinwheel". Pinwheel is fireworks made of thin paper tubes filled with gunpowder and made into wings. When lit, they crawl around on the ground like a mouse, hence it’s called “pinwheel” (mouse fireworks in Japanese). The three designs are based on the themes of "Hatsu-warai." "Hatsu-moude," and "Hatsu-yume” which are Japanese customs and culture, respectively. Based on that, we've created a modern design that breaks away from the stereotypical "Japanese" style.