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Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park

Design Team Md. Ishtiaque Zahir, Md. Iqbal Habib, Tasbir Shatil , Mehedi Hasan , Wasik Edaaf
Project LocationGulshan, Dhaka
ClientDhaka North City Corporation
Credits'Photo by: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan, Wasik Edaaf'
Prize(s)Honorable Mention in Urban Design / Parks
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Entry Description

The Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park in Dhaka is a 9-acre green space that focuses on inclusivity, sustainability and nature. It adorned with a variety of 1765 tree species. The design features 5 types of walkways, each offering unique experiences and permeable cement pavement to recharge groundwater. The revitalized central pond is surrounded by walkways, deck, along with a green amphitheater and cultural stage. Amenities like a library, prayer space, women's seating, gymnasium and exercise area promote community engagement.Thoughtful design and public participation enhance resident well being.


VITTI’ – The Atelier evolved in 1991 as a design studio under the very guidance of subcontinental Master Architect Muzharul Islam. In 1993, the ‘Atelier’ transformed into a limited company ‘VIITI Sthapati Brinda ltd.’ with three young architects Ishtiaque, Ehsan and Iqbal . Currently the team consists of around 100 members and Run by Two directors Ishtiaque and Iqbal.

VITTI’ considers every design project as an opportunity for new experiments that leads to a creative design solution. We consistently purse the following goals in all our efforts: society, environment and value.