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Vaccines are Another Part of Growing Up

CompanyJSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI)
Lead DesignersElizabeth Gruber
Design TeamRachael Meyer, Simon Stahl, Creative Frontiers Animation team
ClientSanta Clara County Department of Health
CreditsAnimations by Creative Frontiers Animation
Prize(s)Bronze in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Vaccines Are Another Part of Growing Up is a multi-media, multilingual campaign developed by JSI on behalf of the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department. The campaign encourages routine childhood immunization and likens vaccination to important childhood milestones, like a child’s first words or first birthday. The campaign's concept, messaging, and visual design were informed by community-based research, including focus groups with members of the priority audiences. The campaign leverages print and digital platforms and traditional media outlets, including television and radio ads.