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Mirage Cinema

Lead DesignersVasilii Portnyagin
Design TeamAnna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Vasilii Portnyagin
Project LocationSaint-Petersburg, Russia
ClientMirage Cinema
CreditsPhoto by Inna Kablukova
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Interior Lighting
Entry Description

The Mirage Cinema on Bolshoi is a new space on the Bolshoi Prospekt of the Petrograd Side in St Petersburg; it has emerged as part of the rethinking of an iconic and historically important urban location. All implemented solutions are unique within the existing building, which contained many historical and cultural layers, thus, an important task was to create a new open space while maintaining the spirit of the place. Mirage on Bolshoi is a new reimagined space, not only visually but also structurally, with a careful treatment of the history and importance of the location.


DA Bureau is a team of architects and designers working onprojects around the world. Our main goals are to create uniqueand memorable spaces and to change the urban environment.Design and architecture are our passion and our lifestyle. We worka lot with spatial organisation and storytelling in our projects,creating unique visual concepts. It is important for us to make theworld around a little better and more beautiful, that's why we workwith projects from a mere concept up to the launch and know howto bring our ideas into life.

Awards and Prize

The bureau is a laureate of a large number of competitions in thefield of design and architecture. For instance, in 2021, the founderof the bureau, Boris Lvovsky, won the American Best of Yearcompetition of the Interior Design Magazine within the “rising star.In the same year, our Headway project received an HonourableMention in the “coworking office” nomination. In 2022, the bureauwas among the topfivefinalists of the Architizer A + Awards in the“Young Interior Design Firm” nomination; more than a thousandapplications from 80 countries were submitted to compete for theaward. The bureau also regularly participates in the British Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. In 2021, the Bio My Biorestaurant project became the best in Europe in the “lightingnomination".