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Magnificent Villa Interior

CompanyLeQB Architects
Lead DesignersPaul Zahrabchuk, Alex Bakhmatskyi
Design TeamPaul Zahrabchuk, Alex Bakhmatskyi
Project LocationKuwait
ClientLeQB Architects
Prize(s)Honorable Mention in / Conceptual
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Entry Description

Here is an elegant minimalist room decorated in natural materials. The main idea is to align the inner interior with the outer nature.

As the project is located in warm regions, we chose travertine and wood as materials and a minimalist color scheme of warm shades.

This space combines several functional areas: the lounge zone, dining room and kitchen. The project's main feature is the presence of open terraces on almost every floor, as well as a large roof terrace with a swimming pool.

An unusual solution is wooden shutters for windows, which vaguely remind of oriental motives.


We’re an architecture and design studio that wants to be a part of a big story. The great chapter is all about details. Whether it’s a cozy chair, flower plant, or a wall that needs to be broken down to expand a room, all of these equally matter to us. Working from Europe to the Middle East, we care how your space looks, feels, and speaks. Understanding the tendencies of the market and features of our clients’ mentality leads us to create a valuable concept. All of the projects we do are made for people. And that’s our priority.

Awards and Prize

CATEGORY 4.05 Residential