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CompanyKawazoe Junichiro Architects
Lead DesignersJunichiro Kawazoe
Design TeamKazue Kawazoe,Takuya Uemura
Project LocationHyogo prefecture Japan
CreditsPhoto by Yoshiharu Matsumura
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
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Entry Description

Vernacular x Modern
The site is located near the estuary.
The plan divides the building into three.
The three buildings are kept apart by the courtyard.
The Path runs through the three buildings and the two courtyards, connecting the spaces.
On the flow line of the Path, the boundary between the inside and the outside becomes ambiguous.
The wall is covered with border tiles made from local roof tiles.
Not the use of traditional Japanese architecture, but the use of this place as a resort.
We intended a fusion of architectural vernacular and modern.


We offer architecture design,excitement and deep emotion.

We are a design office based in Japan, Kobe.
We accept offer from overseas as well.

・Architectural planning, planning, designing, supervision
achievement: residence, apartment, office, nursery, welfare facility, shop
・funiture design

corporate identity
 Timeless design
 Minimal design
 Relationship between inner and outer space

Awards and Prize

・The 18th Hyogo Prefectural Governor Prize
・The International Design Awards (IDA 13th /USA) Gold
・2020 Architecture MasterPrize Honorable Mention
・DNA Paris Design Awards 2021 Honorable Mention
・2021 Architecture MasterPrize Honorable Mention
・2022 A' Design Award SILVER