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eCoffee Anti-fatigue n Car Sickness WristBand

CompanyWat Medical Technology Inc.
Lead DesignersWAT
Design TeamJoe Haojie Xu, Albert Shijun Duan, Puma Biao Fang, Peter Wufeng Ji, Yin Zhang
ClientGeely Auto
Prize(s)Silver in Children Products / Baby & Children Products
Entry Description

This wearable device functioning as an electronic coffee for its users boasts two independent modes including fatigue alleviation and dizziness/vomiting prevention, which can be easily altered using a single button. It utilizes monochromatic light stimulation and electric impulses of multiple frequencies to effectively alleviate work-related fatigue and motion sickness, respectively. The slim and light-weight device allows for independent use or combination with smart wearable devices, allowing for seamless integration into the various daily routine or activities of its users.