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Shangyu Museum

CompanyZhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research
Lead DesignersYao Zhiyu;Fang Fang
Design Team Yi ZongHui;Zheng Yelu;Reng Jianguo;Yang Zhenmin
Project LocationShaoxing, Zhejiang, China
ClientShangyu culture and Broadcasting Bureau
CreditsPhoto by:Wang Dachou
Prize(s)Architectural Design of the Year
Entry Description

Shangyu Museum is located in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province. Its architectural design style is simple and meaningful, and its shape is like two superimposed squares, which show special tension after distortion.
The lighting design adopts two treatment methods. For the building body, we use the washing-type lighting to emphasize the massiness of the body and its transition relationship. For details, we use linear lamps to emphasize the detailed local structure.