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Lead DesignersDragon Hugh, Ares, Handly
Project LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Entry Description

The homeowner intentionally renovates the old house to delight the parents. Unexpectedly, they passed away one after another!

We carefully ponder the demands of different phases and get down to the ambivalent personality of the homeowner to fulfill the beautiful vision he wants to bring to the parents step by step. Moreover, take advantage of the excellent daylighting of the old house and transform it into a spacious, inviting layout not only meets the expectation for the family to live together but also suits for a person to live alone, as well as welcoming friends to visit.


「They who love it are better than those who know it, and they who delight in it are better than those who love it.」
The three intimate designers built up various aesthetic sensitivities in architectural and interior design fields; then founded HTDLA Design.
Encourage each other to cultivate self-knowledge, to love, and to delight in it!
Share joyful affections to people and fulfill the most agreeable architectural planning and interior design.