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Candela Cannabis Packaging

CompanyIdea Booth
Lead DesignersHaley Franker
Design TeamRon Gibori, Reno Novelle, Miljan Vukovic
ClientSix Labs
CreditsPhotography By: Justine Burchall
Entry Description

Candela, a sub brand of Six Labs, a Michigan based cannabis company, tasked Idea Booth with developing a packaging design that represented what the brands stood for. This project included both branding and packaging design. The packaging featured a clean design with bold fonts displaying the product name. The blue, purple, and red colors indicate the types of cannabis available for each product - Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. These color indicators are carried out through all of the packaging family.


Idea Booth is a creative Think Tank that specializes in building brands. We are a creative digital agency specializing in the creation of brand experiences. We help clients successfully navigate the digital landscape by embracing business model innovations, evolving technologies, and changes in user behavior. Strategy, Research, Design, Technology, Analytics, and Optimization are at the core of our approach; the perfect balance to build successful products and move brands forward.

Awards and Prize

2021 Gold Muse Award, Packaging, MIsix Cannabis Popcorn Tubes
2021 Silver Muse Award, Packaging, Six Labs Cannabis Flower Bags