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The Hometown Moon

CompanySYN Architects
Lead DesignersZou Yingxi
Design TeamLiu Yuan, Jin Nan
Project LocationTai’an, China
ClientTaian Lushang Jiunvfeng Rural Revitalization Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhoto by: Zheng Yan
Prize(s)Architectural Design of the Year
Entry Description

Syn Architects takes advantage of the materials available in the area to adopt a limited intervention approach. The strategy consists of widening the base of the valley before erecting the building. It also preserves the original spillway to help prevent natural disasters. The foundations are dug according to the calculated diameter of the moon and the space desired. Furthermore, the rocky and mossy walls of the mountain remain untouched as a natural limit to the project. In this way, the walls showcase the struggle between man and nature while further participating in the aesthetic concept.