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CompanyMORPH Estudio
Lead DesignersCésar Frías Enciso / Miguel Pradillo Cendón
Project LocationMadrid
CreditsPhoto by: Álvaro Viera
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Residential Building
Entry Description

The capacity for movement had to be sought, making a movement of the building to generate a floor of the building entering through the semi-basement. In this way, we had gained enough space to generate some movement in the façade, but it was difficult to achieve a dynamic, light and fresh building, since the movement area block had to be covered almost entirely, with the consequent risk of creating a wall..
Our client’s company philosophy is sustainability: the terraces allowed us to place large planters for small trees that consolidated the idea of creating a vertical forest.


Morph Estudio is a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, led by architects César Frías Enciso, Raquel Dueñas and Miguel Pradillo Cendón, specialized in the development of unique construction. With more than 120 professionals, located in the heart of Madrid city, it is one of the largest architectural studio in Spain with most of its projects carried out in the country.
With innovation as our motto, Morph is a synonym of customer orientation with creativity and the continuous search of excellence.

Awards and Prize