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CompanyGiorgia Molinari
Lead DesignersGiorgia Molinari
ClientAssociazione Culturale "Il Vagabondo"
Prize(s)Silver in Print / CD, DVD & Record Sleeves
Entry Description

Ikone is a musical work with actors composed for a universal audience.

Five musical portraits, a search of the sacred that lies in every human being. Words that traveled through the Centuries like a ray of light are sung in the language they were written in and come to life to us through the living language.

The cover image gives freedom to choose your own icons, while the pages inside are filled with ancient signs, seals and obscure words that remind the emotions felt in front of a sacred artifact from a distant past.


Giorgia Molinari is a freelance graphic designer specialized in art and culture design. After 8 years collaborating with a design studio, she decided to pursue her career as freelance both locally, in her native Italy, and internationally.

Awards and Prize

* IDA 16 - GRAPHIC DESIGN - Gold Winner - CD, DVD & Record Sleeves Category

* IDA 16 - GRAPHIC DESIGN - Honorable Mention - CD, DVD & Record Sleeves Category

In 2015 her Master's thesis on visual storytelling and the usage of data visualization in University communication was awarded first prize by AICUN (Associazione Italiana Comunicatori d’Università).