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Ergo Characters

CompanyLogitech Europe S.A.
Lead DesignersLogitech Creative Team Europe
Design TeamLogitech Creative Team, Clim Studio
Prize(s)Graphic Design of the Year
Project LinkView
Entry Description

With the launch of the Ergo Series of ergonomic devices, Logitech was looking to boldly assert itself in the digital wellness category. But ‘ergonomics’ felt like a corporate, dated space for many consumers – so we set out to blow off that dust with an approach to ergonomics that’s simple, vibrant, youthful, and confident.

Together with Clim Studio, we created a suite of static and animated 3D character illustrations that express everything from discomfort at work to Logitech’s uniquely scientific approach to product development – all in a look and feel that’s fun, fresh, and ownable.