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Preemie System

CompanyTellspec Ltd
Lead DesignersMassimiliano Datti - Alessandro Spalletta
Design TeamMassimiliano Datti - Alessandro Spalletta
Project LocationLondon UK
ClientTellspec Ltd
Prize(s)Gold in Children Products / Pregnancy & Maternity, Silver in Children Products / Health & Baby Care
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Entry Description

Preemie is a system that reliably measures human milk composition and automatically suggests the fortification of the milk tested, based on each infant’s nutritional needs. The system is also able to correlate the growth of the infant with the detailed feeding given. The Preemie System is based on a highly innovative spectrometer sensor, its design is clear and reassuring.
Extremely compact compared to other competing products on the market, it is portable and with a friendly interface. Preemie is meant to be used by both NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) and HMBs (Human Milk Banks).


Tellspec develops and produces innovative intelligent sensors and data analytics solutions for rapid analysis of foods and of medical specimens.
We are the world’s pioneer in Machine Learning-based cloud spectroscopy for data analysis.
We offer a unique blend of portable spectroscopic devices and a proprietary analysis engine based on ML algorithms running in the cloud.
We are active in the healthcare sector for the analysis of human milk (content, freshness, safety, and tracking) and in the food sector through several applications (e.g. analysis of fish).

Awards and Prize

Preemie Sensor won:
-- German Design Award 2021, Winner in the category "Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care", August 2020 (notice) Frankfurt, Germany
-- The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 879228

Tellspec LTD won:
-- Sustainable Development Award, Open Innovation 2019, December 2019, London, UK
-- EIT Innovation Award, 3° Place, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, October 2018, Budapest, Hungary
-- EIT Women Award, 1° Place, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, October 2018, Budapest, Hungary
-- European Commission H2020 Food Scanner Prize
Awarded as one of the three winners of this prize
March 2017, CeBIT Hannover, Germany
-- Venturer Madness 2017, Top 4, March 2017, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
-- WAF Award - Humanitarian Water Air and Food Award -
category "Food Safety", November 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
-- MedPi Awarded, prize for Innovation, category "Health", May 2016, Monte Carlo, Monaco
-- Seeds and Chips Awarded, prize for Best Health and Diet Solution, May 2016, Milan, Italy