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Paper sumo greeting card

CompanyBythree Inc.
Lead DesignersTakanori Yoshida
Design TeamShusaku Kida, Rina Kurihara
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Self-Promotion
Project LinkView
Entry Description

We created a New Year's greeting card for BYTHREE inc. which is sent to clients and partner companies.

The motif of the design is paper sumo wrestling. Paper sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese toy in which a paper doll imitating a sumo wrestler is placed on a paper sumo ring and compete by moving with vibration.

With this New Year's greeting card, you can play with 12 animals and 1 huge sumo wrestler that total is 13 wrestlers. 12 animals represent Chinese zodiac. Chinese zodiac is a long-lived culture in Japan and each animal is assigned annually.