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Anna Blazhnova

Category Fashion Design
Project Description

Working on mask design, I considered three aspects:

1. Fashion aspect

- Mask has fully closed form, so you can?t see all emotions with person you talking about.
- According to latest beauty trends on contouring and natural beauty, there is a possibility
to use patterns for ?contouring effect? on cheekbones.

2. Medical aspect

Here is some problems that collected from medical workers:
- Some of them had ear ache. Solution: mask holder must be on back of the head.
- Sometimes medical workers sterilise one-time mask because of non-availability of reusable masks. Solution: quick 3d-printed form that can be also sterilise at hospital or washed at home and inside has reusable filter for easy-change.
- Filter that was used in design according to WHO is PM2.5

3. Marketing aspect

I can be one website where everyone can buy mask in color skin tone or collaborated with PANTONE Color of the Year, for example.
Three options for buying:
- Mask with changeable filter
- Filters
- 3D printer + masks + filters for factories/hospitals etc. This pack can be as charity bought to some who need this.