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Robert Dabi

CreditsRobert Dabi
Category Fashion Design
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Project Description

# Short Description

The cling clip is a simple device to secure any bandana or cloth worn as a face mask to your nose. Face masks without nose bridge (often found on self-made ones) can be upgraded too. The cling clip has two main benefits: it prevents your face mask from slipping off your nose, and it closes the gaps between your nose and cheeks. The latter is especially problematic when wearing glasses, because exhaled breathing air is causing them to fog.

# Foggy glasses

Any bandana, cloth or face mask without metal nose bridge leaves gaps between your nose and your cheeks. Exhaled breathing air escapes through these gaps and fogs your glasses. Even if you don?t wear glasses, it can be annoying when you constantly breath into your eyes.

# Your nose is too slippery.

When wearing a bandana as a face mask, there is no nose support that can keep it from slipping down your face, especially when talking or through head movements.

# Goal

# Every cloth a mask, improving masks.

By eliminating those flaws, every rectangular piece of cloth could be used as a face mask, optionally with an additional layer filter material in-between. Existing cotton face masks without nose support can be upgraded & improved.

# Operation
1. Loosen the flexible wire around the cylinder.
2. Insert the cloth.
3. Push & furl the wire around the cylinder back in, it should have a tight grip on the cloth.
4. After the cling clip is attached to the cloth, it can be folded in once (visible) or twice (invisible). The wire between the two ends now serves as nose support.