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Hao Wu

CompanyX + X Strategy
CreditsHao Wu and Xiaoyu Tang
Category Architecture/Interior
Project Description

In early times, a handwritten letter was viewed as emotional bonding, holding and connecting people?s sentiments. It shows the most sincere emotions of a writer, because it takes time to think, to write, and to deliver the feelings. By receiving a handwritten letter, the level of satisfaction and appreciation of recipients will be amplified. The deep feeling of love and caring is conveyed word by word to the readers. They are so rare these days but much more meaningful and precious than any kind of communication.

The idea of this design stems from the meaning of handwritten letters. The white translucent TPU wall symbolizes the writing paper which is intended to keep people separated while delivering the caring, encouragement, and hope without physical contact, during the in-home quarantine. It also provides a huge canvas for in-home family members to write down their wishes and blessings on the wall. Those memos can become an emotional support and a victory gift to cheer the end of isolation.

Our target space is where has multi residents but unable to provide an individual room to separate the patient from the health. The design is using a vacuum aspiration system to build up an area with negative pressure for temporary quarantine. During the cleansing process, the ventilation device will kill viruses in the air and purify the air inside of the sharing space at the same time. This method can lower the chances of contact with the patient but also improve the indoor air quality.

By using paper, TPU, and resin, these Eco-friendly materials can be recycled and reused after consumption. The free-standing design provides flexibility for patients who, although are quarantined, are free to use various facilities such as the bathroom and the kitchen.