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Bloom No Kaze-Life Care Center Garden-

CompanySfg Landscape Architects
Lead DesignersAkihiko Ono
Design TeamMitsuo Henmi( Henmi Architect Office), Hiroaki Henmi( Henmi Architect Office)
Project LocationKashiwa, Chiba
ClientSocial welfare corporation Bloom
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a public landscape garden project for disabled children alongside the life care center. The center work for not only support and care for disabled children but also communicating with local children and residences with cafe and hall. The garden is the most important role to link disabled children and local children and residences. It is open to public for every day without any walls. People freely can walk and chat in the space under existing forest. The sharp and shinning white ribbon as hand rails can lead any of you to the existing rich forest.