Camilla Burnside

Lead DesignerCath Carroll & Anthony Lloyd
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

studioplus* has been working with leading Australian fashion label Camilla for a period of years, building a cohesive vision that encapsulates her wandering spirit.

Extraordinary detail is devoted to each store, from the impressive fretwork—reminiscent of a Moroccan temple—right down to the aged brass finials topping the garment rails. The various stores are home to many of the antique curio's Camilla has collected during her travels.

Every 'Camilla' adds to the rich tapestry of the brand and invites customers to find treasures which are unique to each store. The exotic inspiration behind the brand is further elaborated upon by the themed change rooms. The five metre ceiling of the Camilla Burnside location allowed the creative team the opportunity to design an impressive vaulted entrance which was further complemented by the ornate columns, decorative ceiling and mirrored walls.