Lead DesignerJesse Chow
ClientSui Keung
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Tongner™ is a revolutionary design of combining a
frying spatula and tong together!

Using the mechanism of magnetism, it can transform
from a spatula to a tong, and vice versa!

Two set of magnets – the head of the spatula with one
set incorporated therein can resist high temperature
when frying food; another set of magnets incorporated
into the handle allows user to swap the “mode” of the

Magnetism mechanism design also means there’s no
more clipping, fixing, snapping, you simply just move to
the right position and there you GO! Spatula or Tong?
Switch with ease!

You never need to use two separate tools in the kitchen
anymore, it saves drawer space, it provides huge
convenience and it’s SMART!

Tongner™ handle is made with soft rubber to give you
easy and comfort gripping.