MCT-Reo Show unit Gallery

Lead DesignerJazzbi Chew Kim Pek
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The site is located within an empty office unit at Subang Jaya,Malaysia with a panoramic view over the master planned development by MCT. MCT approached us to design an innovative show unit.Giving due respect to the materials on site,we decided to maintain the existing cement flooring on site and enhance it by surrounding with lively and vibrant elements that is meant to attract the youth,giving the visitors an extraordinary experience.

Visitors will be welcomed by a large yet slick concrete counter,with green planter boxes punctuating it to soften the approach.We modify OSB board into dynamic shapes on the horizontal and vertical surfaces yet maintain their original aesthetic.The whole space is accentuated by bright yellow cantilevered ceiling that leads visitor\'s eyes to 3 studio spaces-an innovative space for artist,musician and photographer respectively.Each has creatively designed furniture that serves multiple functions,allowing the occupants to fully express their creativity in utilizing the spaces.


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