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CompanyLUSTYdesign Inc.
Lead DesignersShunsuke Ohe
Design TeamMaine Ohno惻Yuki Shibata(KOIZUMI Lighting Technology Corp.) / Yugo Okadome(UNIVERSAL ENGEISHA Co., Ltd.)
Project LocationOsaka pref. Japan
ClientEiju Co., Ltd.
Credits Hiroshi Tanigawa by ToLoLo studio
Prize(s)Honorable Mention in Workplace Interior Design / Workspaces & Offices
Entry Description

The theme of the main floor is "fusion with nature", with plants and trees scattered throughout.
The entrance hall is the highlight of the space, with 24 impressive wall-to-ceiling arch panels representing large trees.
There are several types of seating, including high counter seats and tables along the windows, allowing customers to choose their favourite seat depending on their mood of the day.

The design theme of the sub-floor is "a cruise ship sailing on the open sea".
In stark contrast to the main floor, it is designed as a refreshing space with blue and white as the main colours.