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CompanyL&B Inc.
Lead DesignersTamami Saikusa
Design TeamMakoto Otani
Project Location1282-22, Orodani, Sumoto-shi Hyogo, 656-0023, 日本
ClientYogibo Inc.
Creditsphotographer:Norihito Yamauchi , Wataru Miyazaki
Prize(s)Silver in Workplace Interior Design / Other Office Interior Design
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Entry Description

Concept: "Irori"

Reviving an unused Japanese accommodation into an office, this space, designed away from the city, prioritizes employee relaxation. With a lounge featuring the traditional "irori," it serves as a hub for gatherings and idea generation. The exterior and interior, using materials inspired by sand, sea textures, and traditional tatami, create a nature-connected workspace. Focused on fostering employee community and a creative workplace, the project aims to contribute to company growth.