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Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base City Showroom

Lead DesignersZigeng Wang
Design TeamYing Zhou, Jie Chu, Shaomin Zhang, Jianli Shi, Manying Wang, Canqi Mu, Shiman Xu, Xingzhu Jiang, Xiaohuan Zhang
Project LocationShenzhen, China
ClientShenzhen Vanke
CreditsPhoto by: ZC Architectural Photography Studio
Prize(s)Silver in Cultural Interior Design / Cultural Center
Entry Description

Commissioned by Vanke, PILLS completed the design of the city showroom for Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base to demonstrate the philosophy and dynamics of Shenzhen's development. The concept "Cabinet of Curiosities" is a metaphor for the city showroom by connecting the viewer with the future through material fragments. The design organizes around the logic of "object" display, giving forms to urban visions and building dynamic scenes to show the city's development. The showroom becomes the medium for the viewers to connect with the macro urban narrative.