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Oh my! O-NiKU

CompanyTriangler Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersChi-Yao Tang
Design TeamTriangler Co., Ltd.
ClientWowprime Group
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols Design
Entry Description

O-NiKU, a BBQ brand for the young generation, embraces creative food combinations and meat-centric parties. The rebrand showcases a dynamic script logo on a versatile red polygon, symbolizing authentic dishes. The polygon motif extends to business cards, signage, and interior decor, reflecting the brand's lively personality. The theme wall features a meat ceremony with servers presenting ample meat and signature side dishes. Inspired by traditional Japanese ceremonies, the dining environment exudes a joyous and celebratory atmosphere, honoring the incredible and inventive flavors of yakiniku.