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Florentine Trattoria

CompanyCeren Burcu Turkan Design Studio
Lead DesignersCeren Burcu Turkan
Design TeamWeb Design: Hakan Yılmazkaya
ClientUrban Italian Group
CreditsJona Granath
Prize(s)Honorable Mention in Multimedia / Brand Identity | Print / Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics
Entry Description

Florentine is an Italian Restaurant in Stockholm Sweden. We started the branding design by imagining Florentine as a woman from Florence who picks her own produce and local wine as a way to communicate the restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity. We created a color palette inspired from the south of Italy.

We are seeing illustrations of Florentine in a subtle way through the branding, which added a playful feel to the brand and made it more inviting and approachable. The color palette inspired by the Italy was our choice to convey the warmth and richness of Italian cuisine.


Meet Ceren Burcu Turkan, the driving force behind an award-winning boutique branding studio that challenges conventional design norms, unlocking the full potential of each project and crafting brands that truly stand out.

Since 2016, Ceren has seamlessly integrated her custom illustrations and unique typography into branding and packaging designs, infusing each creation with playful brilliance. With a fresh, innovative and expansive mindset, she crafts every design stage from scratch, narrating a unique story and conveying the essence that makes each brand extraordinary.

Awards and Prize

2023 - Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Shortlist | Visual Identity

2023 - World Brand Design Awards, Silver | Brand Identity

2022 - International Design Awards (IDA), Bronze | Multimedia - Brand Identity

2022 - International Design Awards (IDA), Honorable Mention | Multimedia - Brand Identity

2021 - World Brand Design Awards, Bronze Mark Winner | Brand Design Creation

2021 - 99 Designs Awards, Finalist | Best Branding Design

2020 - 99 Designs Awards, Finalist | Best Branding Design​​​​​​​