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CompanyTriangler Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersTriangler Co., Ltd.
Design TeamChi Yao Tang, Chun Yao Huang, Jian He Lin
ClientMercuries Liquor & Food Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhoto by Matter Image
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Entry Description

RYOKUCHAIPPAI is bottled green tea targeting customers in Japanese izakaya restaurants. Tanuki (The Japanese Racoon Dog) dolls are decorations commonly seen in izakaya restaurants for good fortune. The bamboo hat and round belly dodge mishaps and remain calm.

By changing the wine bottle to the tea cup and having the tanuki sitting on a somersault could, a series of illustrations are created to present three ways of relaxation for a great cup of tea.

The grided green background matched with golden elements upscale the packaging and tea soup with a modern, memorable, and Japanese look.