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GoMoond Period Panties

CompanyTriangler Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersTriangler Co., Ltd.
Design TeamChi Yao Tang, Chun Yao Huang, Jian He Lin, Jiang Xin Zhang
ClientArtemis Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhoto by Matter Image
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Entry Description

GoMoond is a menstrual savior that offers a variety of absorbent panties for women who expect a comfortable experience during periods.
The key visual of GoMoond Period Panties- classic ver. features phases of the moon with two small vampire fangs reflecting the brand's humorous personality. Additional laser foil stamping makes the moon phases vary in colors at different reflection angles.
For GoMoond Period Panties- sports Ver., the puckered logotype features the moon, the fangs, and the fabric's elasticity. In addition, the large logotype also represents "No more shyness and cover-ups."