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Riot Romantica

UniversityUniversity of North America
Lead DesignersTingyu Hu
CreditsPhoto: Zixuan Li, Makeup: Yaya, Model: Vicky Zhou
Entry Description

I combine a historical social movement called ‘Modern girl’ in 1920s Japan and ‘Riot Grrl’ movement in 1990s New York as the main inspirations of this project. Both of them present the self-realization of women in different places and eras. By combining kimono, pleats, plaid, mini-skirt, colors, and traditional Japanese patterns, I want to express the beauty between power and elegance, rebel and conformity, also tradition and modernity.


Tingyu Hu, aka “Alice’s Brain” is a project, designer, and multi-media artist. Based in New York, she specializes in costumes, wearable art, textile design, and artist’s book.

She aims to focus on breaking the edge of reality and my romanticism utopian world. With an affinity with pure aestheticism, Tingyu builds up her aesthetic utopia with nature, historical fashion, eerie pre-war art, music, and literature.

Awards and Prize

​· A Labyrinthine Journey of a Ballerina, A’ Design Award 2022 Iron Award in Fashion, Apparel, and Garment Design Category, Apr 2022

· A Labyrinthine Journey of a Ballerina, ADC 101 st Annual Awards short-list in Fashion Design Category, Apr 2022

· Ready-to-wear collection 'Riot Romantica', International Design Awards 2021 Honorable Mention in Pret-a-Porter and Apparel Categories, Jan 2022