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CompanyMei Architects and Planners
Lead DesignersRobert Winkel, Robert Platje, Michiel van Loon
Design TeamRobert Winkel, Robert Platje, Michiel van Loon, Leen Kooman, Nino Schoonen, Jelle Grunstra, Chris Idema, Juraj Biros, Max Brobbel
Project LocationRotterdam, The Netherlands
ClientNice Developers & ERA Contour
CreditsRenders: ©Mei architects and planners , ©WAX
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green
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Entry Description

SAWA, the healthiest building in the Netherlands, sets a new standard in circular construction with a 50 metres high modular construction system, built entirely in wood (CLT). The building is distinguished by the generous green terraces with which it enhances the neighborhood’s biodiversity. SAWA comprises 109 homes, 50 of which are mid-rent. The housing concept is enriched by various solutions for shared use. SAWA will be an example project for new generations, an important step in the sustainability goals and provide demonstrable evidence that things can be done differently.