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Japanese Zen Tea House By RBaba : WFH. DIY Home

CompanyRBaba Inc.
Lead Designersryuji baba
Design TeamTeam Owari-Aichi Japan
Project LocationAichi, Japan
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Our mission is to convey the Japanese Zen mind, with NFT arts.

For those who work from home.
DIY Home Decor for Living Room in 1 Hour.

Could you meditate with a Zen mind at home?
As if Staying at a Japanese Ryokan, Tea House, in Kyoto.

W90: D78: H79 (inc) (43 ft2)
If you have a 270 ft2 spaces in your living room, you can install it well.

<1 Hour Renovation
It is easy to assemble and can be completed in 1 hours with two DIY beginners.

It is registered in the remote working day recommended by the Japanese government.

We can deliver from Japan to the United States^^


This is a luxury product.
This product would be a new industry in Japan.

DIY Home 侘寂.
Luxurious experience as if you were in Japan.
Mindfulness & Zen to improve mental health.

Wabi-Sabi & Relax with Tea Ceremony in the office,
Meditation on Tatami mat at home.

Japanese craftsmanship
Production area : Owari-Aichi, Japan : the birthplace of most famous samurai, Nobunaga Oda.

Price : $ 10,000 USD

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