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UniversityArtcenter College of Design
Lead DesignersQing Yan
Project LocationPasadena, California, United State
CreditsInstructor: Fridolin Beisert
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
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Entry Description

Cillio is a set of “Kitchen jewelry” which decorates the home and reimagines eight cheese-eating experiences. I was inspired by studying the authentic way of eating in primitive times - human beings used leaves to serve food, which made me think: What if there is a set of tools that can help eating cultures celebrate their origins. In this way, Cillio, a remix of plants and utensils, was born. Cillio tends to brings cheese tasting to an art and ritual level, giving the vision and haptic more playfulness and joy. Different types of cheese can find their tools to show their characteristics.