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Sound Studies Lab

UniversityArtCenter College of Design
Lead DesignersAiqi Zhang
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Entry Description

Sound Studies Lab invites young and experienced scholars and artists to work on the sonic sensory aspects of individual lives and in heterogeneous societies, cultures and historical eras. The projects at the lab operate in mobile, experiential and field-based research environments. The basic research strategies of the lab are therefore field research, critical analysis and the production of sonic artifacts.

The superscript “S” in the logomark echoes the shift of sound in the Doppler Effect visually. Additionally, it indicates the scientific and mathematical side of the lab.


Aiqi Zhang prototypes in all dimensions and finds emerging relationships between media, architecture, and design in an interdisciplinary way. With each project, she looks for ways to bring her work into a dimensional world, allowing people to experience it in new and exciting ways. She desires to have a multidisciplinary practice with no boundaries.

Awards and Prize

Communication Arts 2022 (Winner), Typography Annual 12
Ear Room, Editorial Print

Young Ones ADC 2020 (Silver Cube)
California State Parks, Branding Systems/Identities

ArtCenter College of Design Scholarship, 2020–2021

ArtCenter Provost’s List, 2018–2021

Fonts In Use, 2021
Beijing Antique Market, Posters/Flyers

Voyage LA Magazine, 2021
Featured in the online interview series, “Inspiring Stories”

ArtCenter Community Hub Show, 2021
Spring 2021, Ear Room Editorial Print
Spring 2021, Sound Studies Lab Transmedia Branding
Spring 2021, Dia:Beacon Transmedia Branding

ArtCenter Student Gallery, 2018–2019
Fall 2019, California State Parks Identity System
Spring 2019, [un]Stuck in Time Editorial Print
Fall 2018, Cruncher Packaging
Summer 2018, Breathe, Deeply Editorial Print