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shaping corn husk

UniversityBudapest Metropolitan University / Art
Lead DesignersAnita Varga
Creditsphoto: Franciska Legát, model: Zsófia Kemény
Entry Description

experimental vegan bags

In my project I was aiming to refresh and renew the old technics used in processing the by product, of growing maize. For the natural coloring I used native Hungarian plants and crops. This allowed me to produce natural shades through out my experimentation. The corn husk when it becomes wet and then shaped takes up the form of what it is put in or over it. This made it possible to create unique variations in structures and surface manipulation.

Awards and Prize

2021 IDA Honorable Mention in Other Fashion designs-Recycle / Sustainable fashion
2021 IDA Honorable Mention in Other Fashion Designs
2020 C2A Winner in Fashion / Photography
2020 IDA bronze - fashion design - Accessory-Bags
2019 13th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards
New York City
finalist of the COTERIE Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design

IDA 2019 Honorable Mention in Fashion Design
LICC 2018 Honorable Mention in Fashion Design
IDA 2018 bronze - fashion design - Accessory-Bags
IDA 2017 silver - fashion design - Accessory-Bags