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Place of memory

Lead DesignersTatiana Ivanova, Mikhail Skisov
Design TeamTatiana Ivanova, Mikhail Skisov
Project LocationSurfside, FL, USA
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Religious, Symbolic and spiritual buildings/monume
Entry Description

At the site of the tragedy of the Surfside Building (FL), a memorial complex was designed in memory of the victims. It became the starting point for the creation of the entire memorial park. The end-to-end complex is located at the entrance, from which cracks are symbolically spreading, taking on different meanings.
The interior of the monumental complex, with its internal form and materials, reflects the feeling of constraint experienced by those who died under the rubble. Light penetrating through a hole in the ceiling interiorizes the sky into concrete shapes, symbolizing hope.

Awards and Prize

IDA Design awards'21