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Robot Air Purifier

CompanySun Max Tech Limited
Lead DesignersInnovation Department
Design TeamInnovation Department
Project LocationTaiwan
Entry Description

The robot air purifier with artificial intelligence, having the ability to walk, judge, and adjust fan speed intelligently in the spaces at home. The product saved people from moving around the machine and creates a new lifestyle. The intelligent mobile platform is the most significant different than other air purifiers. Besides, in a larger environment, this product will clean the area near humans first. Last but not least, it is made with recyclable all-paper material. This is a house appliance product not only took care of the functionality and being eco-friendly.


Robotics is an innovative and edge-cutting field. It requires cross-field cooperation. Having the background of our team containing engineering and design, we apply a people-first approach to make robots that are thoughtful and intuitive. Robots are getting more common into our daily lives. It is important for us to have a human-centered design to make people's life more convenient.