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Mandarin Waltz

CompanyRanunculus Design Works
Lead DesignersKaori Ichige
ClientMinako Kikuchi
CreditsMinako Kikuchi
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / CD, DVD & Record Sleeves
Entry Description

This work is released as a CD jacket for music distribution in June 2020, the two songs is a music of composer Minako Kikuchi "Oborozukiyo Ni Kimi Wo Omofu inspired by Oborozukiyo" and "Mandarin Waltz" from TuneCore.
The theme of the work is "Resurrection of cells". The design is based on the image of soaking dry soil with water and regenerating it.
The characteristics of each song are different in cool and warm colors to give a visual sense of unity, and organic graphics express emotional transition and temporal depth.
These two songs are wonderful songs that gently snuggle up to you.


Architecture / Interior CG
Graphic Design

Awards and Prize

IDA2020 2021 Graphic Bronze
LICC2022 Shortlist