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Build Your City

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead DesignersZilan Zhou
Design TeamZilan Zhou
Project LocationSavannah, GA, U.S
Prize(s)Silver in Toy Design / Construction Toy
Entry Description

Usually, after people enjoy the pleasure of the disassembly of the blind boxes, they will throw away the packaging boxes. At this moment, the packaging boxes have no value anymore and become a burden on the environment. Compared to them, the best character about Build Your City Blind Box is that the packaging is also part of the toy. As a construction toy, the box became a road in a micro city assembly game. One side of the packages is in the shape of a cross, L, straight line, and T. So the more you collect to build your city Blind Boxes, the bigger the "city" you'll make.

Awards and Prize

202a Silver A' Design Award