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Aureole Sky Castle

CompanyFeeling Design
Lead DesignersRui Hung
Design TeamChirstopher Chen, Eva Lee
Project LocationZhubei, Taiwan
CreditsPhoto by: lllooimage
Entry Description

Adopt the "circular" and "streamlined" design scheme to perform the gentle and firm character of the hostess. Carefully selects sleek furnishing and arc-trimmed furniture to create a safe environment for children's activities.

Take the advantage of excellent lighting from the French windows of the building, and then, by way of the smooth artificial stone countertop and polished flooring tiles to reflect the blue sky. In the meantime, introduce the enchanting outdoor scenes into the house.


Perceive the importance of architecture pattern, spatial flow, and layout configuration; Feeling Interior Design integrates the artistic aesthetics into design cogitation. Ideally, transform the widespread atmosphere and free-custom situation into an exclusive soothing circumstance for the property owner.

Incorporate residential features with aesthetics; achieve commercial trend intents. Promote family cohesion; illuminate sensory experience. Ingeniously outline the spatial scheme; so that create a delightful and brilliant environment.