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PureVent - Viruseliminating Air Purifier

Companydekonform | buero fuer gestaltung
Lead DesignersKarl-Ludwig Holl
Design TeamKarl-Ludwig Holl, Jörg Meister
Project LocationNeues (Kronach)
ClientDr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe
Prize(s)Silver in Transportation / Auto Accessories and Interiors
Entry Description

Due to the covid pandemic, air cleaning has become a bigger dimension worldwide. As air purification is a key subject for the Purevent development team for a long time, the need not only to eliminate bad smells, dust and pollen but also aerosoles, bacteria and viruses was obvious.
The Purevent module contains both mechanical and electrochemical purification systems.
LED activated photocatalytic surfaces in combination with mechanic filters are able to purify the air quickly. The Purevent system is designed for use in car, hotel-room and office, but also as a mobile and versatile home solution.