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Times Pavilion

CompanySangu Design (Guangzhou) Co.Ltd
Lead DesignersTeng Gu
Design TeamRui Hua Chen
Project LocationGuangdong, China
ClientTimes China
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
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Entry Description

Located in Yue Xiu District of Guangdong , Times Pavilion has a total area of 1200 square meterswhich allowed the visitors to experience Times ChinaCompanies’ corporate culture.In the pavilion, designer uses the concept of “revelation” to expound the brand interpretation of Times China, and extracts three key words: “space”, “matter” and “energy” to respond the concept in this design. In this space, LED screen, atomized stainless steel, polished slab stainless steel are used to create the sense of hierarchy and penetration of space.