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Mystic Wings

UniversityLasalle College Vancouver
Lead DesignersBonggu(Jeremy) Kang
Prize(s)Emerging Graphic Designer of the Year
Entry Description

Mystic Wings is an illustration book for kids, young adults, or even adults who are interested in ancient mythology and imaginative illustration. The topic of the book is legendary creatures in the sky from the World's Mythologies.
Each creature has a full spread illustration and explanation about their origin and characteristic. The colourful and realistic illustration style has chosen to make the legends and mythologies alive. Some creatures have extra special small illustrations and explanations about their interesting facts.


Jeremy Bonggu Kang is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, painter, illustrator skilled in developing concepts and visualizing creative ideas in exquisitely detailed design. He graduated from Seoul Art High School and got his bachelor’s degree in painting at Seoul National University in Korea. Then he moved to Vancouver, Canada and started studying Graphic Design at LaSalle College, known as Art Institute of Vancouver before. He got a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 2019.

Awards and Prize

2020 A’ Design and Competition Awards, "Silver Winner for packaging design"

2020 Applied Arts Applied Arts Student Awards, "Two works won each Editorial Design (Series) & Editorial Design Complete (Single)"

2019 RGD Student - Awards of Specialty, "Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design"