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Casa Rancho Avándaro

CompanyChain + Siman
Lead DesignersRenatta Chain, Lina Siman
Design TeamAl Chávez, Modo Manera
Project LocationValle de Bravo, Mexico
CreditsPhotos: Rafael Gamo, Jaime Navarro
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / House
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Entry Description

In the environs of Valle de Bravo, Casa Rancho Avándaro is based on the concept of Mexican haciendas: the solidity and purity of the volumes combines with locally-sourced materials and patios. It consists of three volumes, each one contained by stone walls. At the interior the stonework has been left exposed where it combines with ironwork features and wood. The feel of each interior space dialogues with the straightforward rusticity of the architecture, giving the home a contemporary and innovative twist, achieving a harmonious combination of luxury, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.


Chain + Siman is an architecture and interior design firm based in Mexico City, with years of experience in Mexico and the United States. It is led by Renatta Chain and Lina Siman.

The idea behind the firm has to do with simplicity: the use of clean lines, natural palettes and a close dialogue between light, space and textures. The concept of each project is based on a systematic organization of the design elements, which reveal their physical characteristics and achieve a balance between luxury, aesthetics and functionality.

Awards and Prize

Their most outstanding works are:

Casa Rancho Avándaro (winner of the Architecture MasterPrize 2020, winner of the DNA Paris 2021 Awards, Best of Year 2021 by Interior Magazine, Bronze at the IDA Design Awards 2020, finalist in the IIDA Interior Design Awards 2022, among others)

La Acuarima (winner of the LIV Hospitality Awards 2020 and Honorable Mention at the DNA Paris 2021 Awards)

Península Apartment (Silver at the IDA Design Awards 2021)