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Variable acoustic auditorium for VGIK University

CompanyUrbanism Planning Architecture Italia
Lead DesignersPaolo Lettieri
Design Team Paolo Lettieri, Marcello Brugola, Alessandro Pasini, Irina Ivanova, Irina Tibaeva, Andrea Pagnoni, Vibhor Mukul Sing.
Project LocationUlitsa Vil'gel'ma Pika, 3, Moscow, Russian Federation
ClientVGIK University, Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography of Moscow
CreditsPhoto by: Paolo Lettieri
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Institutional
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Entry Description

UPA Italia has been appointed to have an auditorium acoustically performed both as a cinema and as a concert hall with a highly recognizable design. To be acoustically performing, the auditorium was designed with an innovative system of acoustic revolving paneling digitally controlled by sensor with a dedicated software. The acoustic panels are covered in trevira fabric and in wood panels on the revolving faces. The organic curved shape of ceiling is developed for best possible acoustic refraction. It was designed and built with Topakustik panels mounted on curved steel ribs with 5m radius.


UPA, Urbanism Planning Architecture, is an established international architectural firm based in Milano (Italy) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) since 2006. Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia was founded by Architects Paolo Lettieri and Aswan Zubaidi as “the Italian signature of the UPA group”. UPA has consolidated its expertise in the following areas: masterplan, healthcare, education, sports & leisure, wellness and SPA, auditoriums, restaurants, hospitality, residential buildings and interior design. UPA designed projects in the UAE, Italy, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iraq, Qatar and Jordan.

Awards and Prize

IDA Awards 2020 - VGIK Auditorium - Bronze Interior Design category
AMP Architectural Masterprize 2020 - VGIK Auditorium - Honorable Mention
European Enterprise Awards - Best Archiecture and Urban Design practice in Italy - 2021
Design and Build Awards - Leading Architecture Firm in Milan - 2021
Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020, Top 15 Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studios in Milan - 2020
LEAF Awards 2014 Shortlisted Project for Al Qasim University (IRAQ)
honor - 2014