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Lead DesignersRomina Quaglieri
Design TeamRomina Q
Project LocationItalia
CreditsPhoto: Romina Quaglieri
Prize(s)Bronze in Illumination / Designer Lighting
Entry Description

Lamp inspired by Japanese hairstyles. Intercultural design. Made by hand with the weaving technique, in modollino. In the floor, suspended, table versions.


Educator,Artist,Interior and Product Designer(1977, Italy).Designer for her brand Romindesign and for other Company. She was delegate for AIPi (Italian Association of Interior Designers, Milan)and now is National Referent for Indipendent Design in ADD (Ass.Design District,Sora,Italy). The objects of Romindesign,sometimes minimal,sometimes less, bring back fairy-tale facts and characters, precisely because she herself always feels in a fairy tale...EVERYTHING THAT BECOMES LANGUAGE AND MESSAGE ...