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Multupurpose Bunny teether

CompanyLimited Liability Company "ROXY"
Lead DesignersDenis Norkin
Project LocationSaint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Prize(s)Bronze in Children Products / Infant Products and Gears
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Multipurpose Bunny teether can be used during all teething stages, which is possible due to the fact that it consists of several elements of varying hardness level and combines exercise for both gums and teeth. In the first stages of the teething period, the soreness of the gums will be overcome by using the softest part of the bunny – its textured head. After a while, little one can nibble the harder parts – bunny’s body and carrots. Bunny teether also plays a vital role in assisting in the eruption of back teeth – the bunny ears have the shape of a gumshield.