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CompanyVortex Aquatic Structures International
Lead DesignersRicardo Borja
Design TeamMartin Gagnon, Juliana Hamori, Aurel Preda, Martine Morand, John Vallée, Kevin Lavernay, Bruno Belhoste, Michel Corbeil, Benoit Tetu
Prize(s)Silver in Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact, Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun
Entry Description

Combining water and Play, Vortex is committed to promoting the benefits of Play in a child’s development. Through its dynamic and vibrant design, the Explora collection is designed to encourage kids to actively push, pull & spin the games and to explore notions of cause & effect using water. Throughout, kids also learn to interact with the world around them, how to participate in collaborative play and take inclusive play a step further. Explora was created for children of all abilities to have fun and discover the wonder of water through an elemental building block of all societies: PLAY.


Vortex Aquatic Structures International, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, was founded in 1995 with the introduction of the first Splashpad®. Vortex's use of the highest quality materials coupled with unique, inspiring design and state-of-the-art engineering, positioned the company as the world leader in aquatic play solutions.

In addition to its operations in Montreal, Vortex has regional sales and technical support offices in Texas and North Carolina, USA, Lyon and Paris in France, Valencia in Spain, Køge in Denmark and Shanghai in China.